Interview Weekends

FOCUS hosts Interview Weekends as an important part of our hiring process. These Interview Weekends give applicants adequate time to meet FOCUS staff face to face, get questions answered, and meet other young adults who are applying to be missionaries. Most importantly it allows us to get to know you and your experiences.

To be eligible to attend an interview weekend you must first submit an online application. Once we receive and review your application, we will contact you to let you know if we are extending an invitation to attend an Interview Weekend (typically, but not always, the one geographically closest to you). Keep in mind the application deadlines noted below. Only applications submitted before the deadline for each weekend will be considered for invitation. If you have any questions, please email us at

Interview Weekend Dates and Locations

Application Deadline
Fall 2014 IW Schedule
January 23 February 6-8 – Chicago, IL New - Men's Recruitment Weekend
February 6 February 20-22 – Denver, CO New - Men's Recruitment Weekend
February 6 February 20-22 – Philadelphia, PA New - Men's Recruitment Weekend
February 13 February 27-March 1 – Dallas, TX New - Men's Recruitment Weekend
February 13 February 27-March 1 – Atlanta, GA New - Men's Recruitment Weekend
February 27 March 13-15 – Denver, CO National Interview Weekend
March 13 March 27-29 – Atlanta, GA National Interview Weekend

Spring 2015 IW Schedule:
Coming Soon

Preparing for a FOCUS Interview Weekend - The Seven Missionary Qualities

The interview questions you will be asked are based on the following seven qualities. Take some time before your interview weekend to pray about these qualities in your life. Think of experiences and examples you can draw on from your life that demonstrate these qualities lived out.

Faithful to the teachings of the Church and willing to submit to Her authority; committed to daily personal prayer and frequents the Sacraments; strives to live a plan of life and makes appropriate time for rest, recreation, and holy leisure.

Zeal for Souls
Embodies an evangelical spirit with the desire to bring others to Jesus Christ; lives out 1 Thess. 2:8 and 2 Tim. 2:2 by investing in others and teaching teachers to teach.

Team Player
Has an openness to work with a team and is willing to submit to authority; is attracted to team life and working with others within the apostolate; is able to perform even disagreeable tasks well and without complaining; works to build strong relationships; is flexible and open-minded, negotiates effectively, solicits performance feedback, and handles constructive criticism.

Eager and willing to learn; open to the authority, teaching, and experience of others (i.e. - the Catholic Church, FOCUS staff, priests, a mentor etc.); open to alternative ways and methods of instruction; maintains humility of mind and heart and responds well to accountability.

A self-starter who strives for excellence; is able to build consensus when appropriate; has the capacity to motivate and encourage others; tackles problems and takes independent action; seeks out new responsibilities; acts on opportunities; generates new ideas and practices to implement in personal and professional development.

Sets personal standards; returns phone calls and emails in a timely manner; is punctual and productive in handling assigned tasks; dresses appropriately; communicates well both verbally and non-verbally; creates accurate and punctual reports; delivers solid presentations; shares information and ideas with others; possesses excellent listening skills.

Honors commitments; understands that his/her duty is to be faithful; is not paralyzed by a fear of failure; leads confidently in spite of change and adversity, and makes the tough call when needed; is realistic about the inevitable challenges of this apostolate, but in the end will fight against discouragement while maintaining an eternal perspective.