What is FOCUS’ Main Thing?
Inviting college students into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church; inspiring and equipping them for a lifetime of Christ-centered evangelization, discipleship, and friendships in which they lead others to do the same.

What is the time commitment?
FOCUS missionaries make an initial two-year commitment, starting in late May with summer training. Most of our missionaries have stayed on campus several years; others have been called to continue living their faith in various careers, religious life, graduate school, etc.

What are the job requirements?

  • Passion to see college students encounter Jesus Christ
  • Hunger to grow in your faith and develop your God-given gifts
  • A willingness to meet college students on their turf
  • Faithfulness to the teachings of the Catholic Church
  • An undergraduate degree in any field

FOCUS is loyal to Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Church He founded. We partner with and support the priests, bishops and religious which are involved in our work. We encourage the students involved in FOCUS and our staff to explore and pursue God’s call in their lives so that we may, by God’s grace, fulfill His will. We hope to present the timeless truths of the faith in a timely way to all students, regardless of faith background or religious affiliation. Just as God “became flesh and dwelt among us…” so too do we try to incarnate or offer our very lives to the students we serve. Missionary life requires availability. FOCUS missionaries are asked to “dive in” to college life again – keeping late hours, reaching out in the residence halls, joining intramural sports teams, eating in school dining halls, all so that we may win souls to Christ.

Where will I serve?
Our missionaries make a commitment to serve at any campus where FOCUS has a program. Every year we add new campuses to our growing movement. Check out the “Our Campuses” section of the website for a current list of where FOCUS serves.

What will I do?
First, you will attend our summer training, which is best described as one part graduate school, one part boot camp, and one part retreat. We take courses in Scripture, Apologetics, Discipleship, Church Teaching, and Fundraising. We have time to plan for the upcoming year on campus and to build relationships with our campus teams. Other components of summer training include: prayer, daily Mass, opportunities for the sacrament of Reconciliation, practical workshops and plenty of fun times. You’ll move to campus a few weeks before school begins. FOCUS teams (typically two men and two women) pray regularly together each week (and, in most cases, every day), attend daily Mass as often as possible, reach out on campuses, lead Bible studies, and engage students on their level to build their leadership skills and eventually challenge them to reach out to other students.

Our staff members are also often found eating in the cafeterias on campus, playing intramural sports, staying up late in coffee shops, and throwing spontaneous BBQs, just to name a few activities.

Be ready to watch lives transform!

Is this a paid position?
Like other missionary organizations, FOCUS missionary staff members raise 100% of their living expenses while serving with FOCUS. Each missionary cultivates a support team of families and individuals who become partners in our work. In addition to providing financial support, a support team also becomes a wellspring of prayer and moral support.

In 2011, first year missionary average income was over $2,100 per month and thus far in 2012, average first year missionary income is over $2,500 per month. Also, because most of our staff live in community (men with men, women with women), this helps to decrease the cost of living significantly.

FOCUS missionaries are on a health insurance plan and are provided with a campus ministry expense account to help facilitate outreach on campus.

Do I have what it takes?
Let God decide that! We are not looking so much for ABILITY, as for AVAILABILITY. Our staff members have a wide variety of backgrounds and undergraduate degrees, from marketing to philosophy, from history to psychology. They come from state schools and Catholic schools; they are cradle Catholics, reverts and converts. What characterizes them all is a love for people, Jesus Christ, and the Church He founded.

We also ask that during the first year on campus, FOCUS staff embrace a fast from romantic involvement, using that first year to pour oneself into the mission, prayer, and service.

The references I put in my application are having a hard time locating the email that was sent to them which included the link to the online reference. Where can I get the link to send it to them?

Above all, the question every potential staff member should ask him/herself is...
“Do I have the heart for this mission?”