How We Started: Our Story

When Curtis Martin was a sophomore at Louisiana State University, a group of Christian students went to his dorm room and invited him to play a round of golf. Over the course of that year, as he spent time with them and talked to them about their faith – a faith that was real and making a difference in the way they lived – he saw something he had never seen before and made the decision to surrender his life to Jesus Christ. Beyond those college years, Curtis went on to find the fullness of the Truth in the Catholic Church and recognized that he had a passion for college ministry.

For the past seventeen years FOCUS has been working to reach college and university students at the most critical and formative stage of their lives. Today, over 470 missionaries on 113 college campuses across the country are effectively reaching thousands of college students with a message of hope in Christ.

Together we are answering the Church’s call for a New Evangelization – the call to re-propose the Gospel of Jesus Christ (His life, death and resurrection) in a language our culture can understand – a way that Bl. John Paul II said would be new in its “methods, ardor and expression.” Our hope is to not only propose Christ in word, but to be ‘living witnesses’ to the lives God brings to us in our effort to share His love on campus.

Incredible opportunities lie ahead for today’s college students, and together we can present them the most important opportunity of all – to know Jesus Christ. As they graduate and go out into the world with this knowledge, it will transform their families, their careers, and the very future of our country. Are you being called to join us in this mission?