Who We Are

Most of our missionaries are recent college graduates, but we also have older staff members, some married with children. Our missionaries come from all over the country, each with a different background. We seek young adults who have encountered Christ and have a desire to know God in a deeper way and to make Him known.

In the 17 years since FOCUS was founded in 1998, FOCUS has grown from 2 missionaries on 1 campus to 434 missionaries on 113 campuses!

At a glance*:

• Total Missionaries on Campus: 478
• Number of Campuses: 113
• States with FOCUS Campuses: 36 + the District of Columbia
• New Campuses for 2015-2016: 16
• Religious Vocation decisions in 2015: 58
• Religious Vocations fostered since 1998: 547

*As of July 1, 2015