Who We Look For

In the 16 years since FOCUS was founded in 1998, FOCUS has grown from 2 missionaries on 1 campus to 434 missionaries on 100 campuses!

Our Staff At A Glance:

• Total Missionaries on Campus 2014-2015: 434
• New Hires for 2014-2015: 208
• Campus Interns: 21
• Number of Campuses: 100
• States with FOCUS Campuses: 34 + the District of Columbia
• New Campuses for 2014-2015: 17 net
• Traditional vs. Non-Traditional Missionaries: About 20% of new hires in 2014 have been out of college for at least a year
• Religious Vocations – Total: 495 in seminary, formation, ordained, or professed. (400 men 95 women)
• Religious Vocations – 2014: 95 in seminary, formation, ordained, or professed. (81 men 14 women)

We recruit a diverse group of leaders with a record of achievement who work to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Catholic faith on college campuses across the United States.

Most of our missionaries are recent college graduates, but we also have older staff members, some married with children. Our missionaries come from all over the country, each with a different background.

We seek young adults who have encountered the risen Christ and have wrestled with truth. We seek those who not only desire to know God in a deeper way but also want to make Him known in the culture at large. We are looking for passionate people with a heart for the lost and broken scattered across the landscape of today’s college and university campuses; young men and women who want to offer an alternative to the nihilistic offerings of college students’ secular surroundings.

If you’re seeking to live with purpose, we invite you to explore this mission. Now is the time!