World Class Training

After our hiring season comes to an end in May, our missionaries and national staff convene for five weeks at Ave Maria University in Ave Maria, FL. It is here where we dive head first into learning how God has called us to serve.

Each missionary receives more than 400 hours of practical training from some of the nation’s most influential and gifted teachers and authors. Some of these have included Peter Kreeft, Msgr. Stuart Swetland, Jeff Cavins, Sr. Mary Gabriel, Dr. Ted Sri, and Dr. Tim Gray. In addition to leadership development, missionaries are equipped with training in catechesis, practical ways to evangelize, and stewardship of their gifts and talents.

In addition to our summer training, qualified veteran missionaries can take advantage of our newly created Leadership Development Initiative (LDI), developed by internal and external management experts and corporate executives. The LDI is a comprehensive training initiative that prepares leaders for future success in management and team dynamics, versatile skills that are vital for a career in FOCUS and the secular world.

Few careers can offer you a better opportunity to develop time management and people skills than as a FOCUS missionary. Immersed in interpersonal relationships and multi-tasking, the life of a FOCUS missionary can be highly demanding but never dull. Thankfully, you’ll have the benefit of praying daily with your team and receiving all the grace you need in the Sacrament of the Eucharist.